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ORVO Kindness Tea

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Kindness Bundle: Floral Rose Tea Balls (Pouch of 10 Tea Balls)



Community categories:
Reward and recognition:  Front-liners

Timely help: Lifestyle pandemic aids | Mental health | Caregiver support of chronic disease and cancer patients  | Special needs | Single parents | Migrate workers


Steep and sip conveniently with Singapore's First Tea Balls. Unlike paper or plastic tea bags, ORVO’s tea balls are made natural and biodegradable muslin cloth. Premium loose leaf wrapped in muslin cloth for you to enjoy!

With an abundance of rose petals in the tea, Floral Rose has an incredibly floral taste to it. It tastes almost exactly like how a fresh rose smells. Fragrant, flowery and leaves a smooth wonderfully floral taste in your mouth as you drink it!

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