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OK Chicken Rice

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We make the culture of pay-it-forward as part of our business all year round.

For every 2 x paid items, OK Chicken Rice will match 1 x extra item to increase your kindness from today until the 2nd of January.

Kindness Bundles :

  • Standard Kindness Meal
  • Roast/Steam Chicken Rice
  • Roast/Steam Chicken Curry Noodles
  • Roast/Steam Chicken Porridge

Premium Kindness Meal

  • Curry Chicken with Potato (Whole Leg) with Rice
  • Chicken Kut Teh (Whole Leg with Rice
  • Curry Chicken with Potato (Whole Leg) with Noodles
  • Chicken Kut Teh (Whole Leg with Mee Sua
  • Curry Chicken with Potato (Whole Leg) with Porridge
  • Chicken Kut Teh (Whole Leg with Porridge


Note: The preference of flavours and selections will be decided by community partners and their beneficiaries.

Community categories:
Reward and recognition:  Front-liners

Timely help: Lifestyle pandemic aids | Mental health | Caregiver support of chronic disease and cancer patients  | Special needs | Children from special families | Single parents | Ex-offenders | Migrate workers


OK Chicken Rice is known to produce food using the best ingredients, trigger happy memories & maintain authentic standards.

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