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  • Huggs - 10,000 cups for our frontliners
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Huggs - 10,000 cups for our frontliners

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Join Huggs in achieving 10,000 cups for our frontliners in 2022 as our way to say a BIG thank you to our frontliners!

Huggs have been brewing smiles for our healthcare workers at our Tan Tock Seng Hospital outlet for years – soon at National University Hospital , especially during this period, our frontline heroes have been tirelessly giving their all to keep us safe!

Huggs would like to extend this opportunity to you to brew smiles for them!

Our frontliners will be receiving a cup of Huggs coffee from the Classic Range – such as Latte, Americano, Cappuccino etc.– and they are redeemable at all our Huggs outlets!


Note: The preference of flavours and selections will be decided by community partners and their beneficiaries.

Community categories:
Reward and recognition:  Frontliners