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Flash Kindness Coffee

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Kindness Bundle :  Essentials are a Flash Coffee twist on the coffee-lover classics like Latte and Americano, made with an award-winning blend of coffee beans curated by global barista champions.


Note: The preference of flavours and selections will be decided by community partners and their beneficiaries.

Community categories:
Reward and recognition:  Front-liners

Timely help: Lifestyle pandemic aids | Mental health | Caregiver support of chronic disease and cancer patients  | Special needs | Children from special families | Single parents | Ex-offenders | Migrate workers


Flash Coffee is a tech-enabled coffee chain that serves an award-winning menu of high-quality drinks at affordable prices. The founders started the brand with a mission of democratising premium coffee and making it accessible to Asia's rising middle class. Flash Coffee prioritises speed and convenience without compromising quality through their user-friendly app where customers can order and pay online, choosing to pick up orders from one of their iconic yellow storefronts (currently 21 islandwide and many more to come!), or order through major food delivery platforms in each market. They serve up a wide selection of drinks - not just limited to coffee - which means there's something for everyone!

To get a fresh coffee for yourself?

Here is the link to download the Flash Coffee app to save more here