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Danielicious - Kindness Bundle

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Kindness Bundle
In Danielicious, we make the culture of pay-it-forward as part of our business all year round.
Join Danielicious in achieving 150 packs and we will be doing 50 packs of 1-for-1 for our fellow hoteliers in 2022! We will support our hoteliers who worked thanklessly especially during this pandemic period. Your kind gesture will bring a warm smile to a random stranger who needs it.

The Kind Snowflake Crisp - Assorted nutty candy blend of cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, pistachios and dried cranberries.
Kind Fruit Crepe Cake - Handmade featuring layers of paper-thin crepes separated by whipped custard cream and topped with mangoes


Note: The preference of flavours and selections will be decided by community partners and their beneficiaries.

Community categories:
Reward and recognition:  Front-liners, hoteliers

Timely help: Lifestyle pandemic aids | Mental health | Caregiver support of chronic disease and cancer patients  | Special needs | Children from special families | Single parents | Ex-offenders | Migrate workers


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