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Let's talk about something good in 2022! 

Hello, Kind citizens!

You might be a busy professional with a strong desire to offer practical help to our community.  

Kindness, a currency that empower the change. 

Just like you, we resonate with a variety of social causes. At the core of everything, we believe that many societal challenges could be minimised merely by being kind and showing more trust in each other, especially during these difficult times.

Together, we bring the world closer.

The primary goal is to create a social movement where everyone demonstrates graciousness and kind understanding for the invisible struggles that certain people face.

How to make your Kind contributions



Select the items that you wish to pay it forward - contribute to our community,  just like shopping in any other marketplace.


Check out 

Check out your 'shopping cart' with (optional) Kindness Message - personalised encouragement note to the stranger that you wish to help.



Receive our notice when your in-kind contribution is redeemed by a community partner who needs it to serve their beneficiaries.

Support the invisible struggles.
Doing good in a new way.

One small act of Kindness can inspire someone to act in kindness and many moreā€¦ 
Small Gesture, Big Impact.


Witnessing where your Kindness bundles have been sent. 

 *The full identity of beneficiaries will be retained anonymously under PDPA.

Lifestyle Support

We provide holistic approach to help everyone especially to the marginized community.

Pandemic timely help

 Because that's a key factor in bringing people back to normal life. Stay safe, stay sane!

 Consistent & Practical

We want to put a smile on the face of everyone, even after Christmas. Our approach also helps reduce wastage and mismatch of food & resources.