Business as a good force for good.

Genuine & transparent impact to community.

We help companies to achieve genuine impactful actions with:

Social impact is made all year round, not just at Christmas. 



No more mismatched. All contributions are used wisely at the right time.

Zero wastage


Employees, clients and supplier's participation is actively encouraged.

Creative engagement 


Witness the ESG value.

Human Social Responsibility

Covid-induced concerns have nudged ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors to become part of the company's output. And traditionally, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been perceived as a costly annual campaign. 

But we know many smaller companies are doing good quietly, especially for the local community. 

Therefore, we call it 'Human Social Responsibility' (HSR) because we are doing it differently.

We are embracing stakeholders, be it big or small companies. 

We help companies select contributions or design practical campaigns that highlight the outputs with people.  

Take a fresh look at your Impact.


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