Pay the kindness forward this Christmas!

Sharing a good deed as a
Unique Gift.

Pay It forward Gratitute Challenge!

Pass on the act of kindness that you have received from your friends or colleagues to help another random stranger! 

Pay your kindness forward with EZ-Link now! 

Workplace Or Friendship Appreciation? 

That's a matter of gratitude. 

Everyone wants to commit to a culture of recognition of great efforts, great support and actions. Gratitude activities with friends help to build a gentler, happier friendship in the midst of social distancing.

 The positive emotions felt when receiving thanks are clear. 

In the workplace, employee engagement is a hot topic and many organizations recognize the importance of developing a positive organizational culture. 

A true cultural shift occurs when business leaders "break the ice" and help others express their appreciation.  

A little gift for good deeds, a great transformation.