Why is this a transparent platform?

Our goal is to ensure that each transaction, moving from contributor -> merchant -> community partner (beneficiary) is escrow in the system, with every single cent supporting others openly.

Why does it have a measurable social impact?

Each contributor can clearly see how many community partners and beneficiaries they have helped in the reports. 
Companies could convert information into a statistic for ESG. 
Please contact us at info@kindcitizensg.com for more details.

How is this different from other initiatives from Government or other NGOs?

Everyone is doing their best, and there are many good initiatives around. 
Our focus is to create a new way of agile support to enhance the government and community partner campaigns, which we believe is what everyone needs right now. 

We support a flexible, non-zero sum approach, while remaining legitimate.  

What is so unique about Kind Citizen?

Kind Citizen is a new concept based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SGDs) 17th partnership, which aims to: 
 • Promote holistic lifestyle support, more than providing an emergency kit 
 • Encourage social inclusion and support marginalized communities 
 • Emphasize timely help and motivate people to live well again  

Can we choose to support a particular community?

We want to embrace the idea of ‘social inclusion,’ as there are many people who are unknown to our community and require timely kindness. 

By not choosing to support a specific community, you can advocate a noble cause—social inclusion.

For specific corporate CSR events, Please contact us at info@kindcitizensg.com for more details.

How does the platform sustain the operation?

We have kind merchants who support us with the backend cost, so that we can reimburse the people behind the scenes. 

It’s important that we are kind to ourselves so that we can do better for others.

Who is qualified to be a beneficiary? 

Kind Citizen does not decide who receives the contribution, we are a platform for gathering kind contributions. 

We work with community partners and citizens who are on the ground and know what’s going on within the communities that they work with.

They are the ones who verify cases and the duration of support, which is needed as a due diligence process.

There is no fixed criteria, as long as the help is timely, genuine, flexible and lawful.  

Is it legitimate to make a contribution to someone who is not part of a low-income group?

Yes, it’s 100% legitimate. 

It’s the same as buying a coffee for a friend who’s feeling sad, except that here, it is a random act of kindness for a random stranger. 

We have a heart to help because this is who we are - kind citizens.  it is not about judging how bad someone’s situation is from the other shore. 

Would anyone abuse the system?

The honest answer is, yes, there is a possibility that some people may abuse the kindness, just like any other programme. 

However, this is a very small percentage, or perhaps their situation is misunderstood by others.

We can all agree that no one likes to feel vulnerable and helpless. 

People often hide their struggles and feel embarrassed to seek help. 

Given a choice, anyone one would prefer to be a contributor than to be a beneficiary.   

What information would the contributors receive?

Once kindness bundles have been received by beneficiaries, contributors will receive an email indicating which community partner is involved as well as the area and time. 

Please also follow our @kindcitizensg to see what community actions are being taken.  

Will the beneficiaries be aware of the identity and other information about the contributor?

None of the contributor’s details, including name or email address, will be accessible by anyone in the organization or our partners.

Apart from being an individual contributor, what can someone do to help?

Please also follow us @kindcitizensg and share our work with your kind friends.
We also invite influential individuals to be our Kind Ambassadors or Community Heroes on a voluntary basis. 
Please contact us at info@kindcitizensg.com for more details.

What if someone wants to refer someone who is going through a hard time to receive contribution from Kind Citizen?

Please approach your MPs, schools or non-profit organisations related to the situation. 

Kind Citizen provides flexible support, yet we need to work with community partners as due diligence to ensure fairness for everyone. 

What is a social enterprise?

The primary purpose of a social enterprise is to promote, encourage, and make positive social changes. We do this by first making ourselves sustainable without conditional external financial support.

At Kind Citizen, we reinvest 100% of our profits into the social impact ecosystem to make the world a better place for everyone. 

Is Kind Citizen working with overseas non-profit organisations?

No. We are an advocate for local social responsibility because there is so much we can do here so we can make us become a leader of social impact hub in Asia. 

Nonetheless, our system and concept are well-prepared to support global operation, when and if needed.  

Does Kind Citizen have a future plan?

With a unique approach to partnership, and adopting the concept of Tech for Good, we want to serve as a great influencing factor to make Singapore the Asian hub for social impact.