Welcome to the Kind city!

Kind Citizen is a first-of-its-kind social impact marketplace with the concept of Pay-it-forward.

Our Tech-For-Good platform enables everyone to contribute meals and essential lifestyle services to complement nationwide community campaigns with a holistic and effective approach.


Our Philosophy

We believe prosperous & sustainable future is driven by Partnerships.

Our Mission

We connect individuals and businesses to support local community in an easy, transparent, and holistic way.

Our Future

With technology, we enable social impact as part of the DNA at the heart of every consumption and business.

Partnerships - SDG 17th.

This is our flagship, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – conveying the united power of multi-stakeholder partnerships to deliver extraordinary results for a better future.

Our Timely Help Coverage


Our Beneficiaries:

 Our platform aims to be all-inclusive by having a broader range of beneficiaries; such as frontline workers, mental health support staff, caregiver supporters, special needs individuals, single parents and ex-offenders. 

We hope to be able to comprehensively support social inclusion, and motivate people to live well again in a timely way.